Stump Removal


Eco Tree Care crew removing a tree stump with a stump grinder.

Protruding tree stumps in any landscape may be troublesome. New and unwanted sprouts may continuously emerge from the old trunk. Damage can occur to lawn care equipment resulting in unnecessary replacement costs. Even safety can be compromised if a tree stump is left unmarked in the dark.

Removing a stump can yield several benefits, from restoring the ground space to a usable surface, stopping the roots from growing any further (as roots will continue to grow long after a tree is cut down), and improving the aesthetics of your landscape.

Our specifically designed machine utilizes brute force and ingenuity at its finest; its compact design allows us access into tight awkward locations and provides the necessary horsepower needed to tackle stumps of any size. A rotating cutting wheel will grind away the remaining trunk well below the subsurface of the soil (6-8 inches). Our crew will backfill the hole and smooth the surface, leaving no trace that a tree or stump were ever there. The ground is now prepped for the addition of other plants, ground cover, or lawn.

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