Tree Removal

tree removal

Eco Tree Care crew removing a tree.

Eco Tree Care is dedicated to the protection and preservation of all trees in urban and rural landscapes. Where possible, we will recommend alternatives to tree removal; however, there are some instances where tree removal is the best choice.

Tree removal is often required if a tree is growing in a poor location, has been overcome by fungal spores or fruiting bodies, show significant amounts of decay and/or decline, or if the tree may die or become hazardous. Whatever the case, a consultation with one of our qualified staff will ensure proper care and advice for you to proceed with the best course of action to suit your needs.

Hiring qualified arborists to remove trees will always be the safest choice. Tree removal can be a challenging and even life-threatening endeavor for landowners to take on themselves.

To complete tree removal jobs, our crew is fully equipped, trained, and experienced with up-to-date best practices and tools in arboriculture (compliant with all laws, regulations, and best management guidelines). We consider safety to be of utmost importance not only for our employees, but for our clients and their properties as well.

To achieve the best results in tree removal, Eco Tree Care has a variety of tools and equipment used to complete the work, including trucks with aerial lift buckets, ropes and climbing gear, chippers, and stump grinders. Our staff are also fully trained and certified to use a variety of chainsaws and hand tools required to complete all types of tree removal, stump grinding, and pruning tasks.

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