Consultations, Assessments and Reports


Tree care consultations are hourly based site visits where our arborists will inspect and assess trees and shrubs on your property. We will make recommendations on best management practices to promote the health and longevity of your trees, or provide you with alternatives regarding conflict mitigation if a tree is interfering with development or poses a risk to property, homes, or vehicles. We will provide you with a verbal or written report outlining our observations and recommendations.

Tree Risk Assessments

Does your tree have damage or a defect that concerns you? Some issues will naturally be taken care of by the tree. Torn bark, for instance, often scabs over and the tree can continue to live a relatively healthy life. But what if fungal spores have entered the tree through the torn bark? How can you tell?

Our Tree Risk Assessments are designed to give you peace of mind about the current state and the potential risks of the tree in question. After a thorough inspection of the tree and surrounding environment, we will give you a verbal or written report outlining the site factors, tree health and species profile, load factors, and conditions affecting the likelihood of tree or limb failure, with an overall recommendation of which actions to take, if any.

Certified Arborist Reports

For proposed developments or tree removals, an arborist report may be required to comply with legislation or by-laws. Our certified arborists are fully qualified to provide you with a thorough arborist report to assess the health and condition of trees in question.

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