Chipping & Brushing


Eco Tree Care crew chipping brush.

Eco Tree Care crew chipping brush.

Eco Tree Care has a portable brush chipper that can take care of the disposal of piles of brush, branches, limbs, or wood on your property. We can chip this brush and leave it on your property to be used as mulch, or we can chip into our truck and dispose of the chips for you.

We also offer chipping as a service following tree removal.


Brushing is the removal of vegetation from the immediate area surrounding trees and seedlings. Removing competing vegetation can help seedlings establish themselves into young trees by ensuring they have adequate access to light, water, and nutrients in their immediate environment.

There are four main types of brushing, including:

  1. Manual: hand cutting with shears, whipper snippers, brush/clearing saws or chainsaws, pulling, or girdling.
  2. Biological: grazing by ruminants such as cattle, goats and sheep.
  3. Chemical: application of herbicides to areas of unwanted vegetation.
  4. Mechanical: use of heavy equipment to clear large areas of land as site preparation.

Eco Tree Care offers manual, chemical, and mechanical brushing.

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