Caring for Trees that Give to Us

Eco Tree Care

When my wife and I were young parents, she gave me a copy of a poem called The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein to read to our first born son. It’s a simple yet touching tale of a tree, personified as “she,” providing apples, branches, and wood to a boy throughout his life as he ages into an […]

Tree Watering

The City of Kingston has issued a tree watering alert (July 8, 2016) due to the recent high temperatures and lack of rain. Residents are asked to water both young and mature trees on private and municipally-owned properties.

Even numbered residences water on even numbered days. Odd numbered residences water on odd numbered days.

Five simple tips to follow for best watering […]

Ontario Tree Atlas

The Ontario government produced Ontario’s Tree Atlas, providing details about various tree species that are found in the province, and identifying which ones grow best where you live.

There are dozens of species of trees found in our province, from the tall and mighty eastern white pine to the blossom-covered pin cherry.

But trees do more than just look beautiful. They shade our homes, provide food […]