Pruning, Shaping & Dead Wooding

Trees are living organisms and have the capability to adapt under stressful or adverse conditions; however, this is not to say they don’t require any attention at all.  If lack of action is prolonged, potential hazards may result from the formation of co-dominant stems, development of low growing limbs, included bark, deadwood, and overall increased risk to plant health. Eco Tree Care offers full services for pruning and shaping trees and shrubs, as well as removing dead wood (also called dead wooding).


Pruning trees can help prolong the health, vitality, and vigour of your tree.

Before tree pruning.

Contact our office to set up an estimate or assessment to discuss the pruning requirements of trees on your property. One of our skilled and competent estimators will walk you through a full and thorough evaluation of any and all trees, shrubs, or bushes that may be in question or in need of any care.

There are four common types of pruning, including:

  1. Fine Pruning – Recommended to improve a tree’s aesthetics and vitality; typically, only minimal amounts of prune cuts are needed to successfully perform this process.
  2. Standard Pruning – Involves substantially larger prune cuts that alter the structure of a tree and ultimately improve its overall vigour.
  3. Hazard Pruning – Often takes place in the wake of a storm. The objective is to remove any and all dangerous or potentially hazardous materials from within the canopy of the tree.
  4. After tree pruning.

    After tree pruning.

    Crown Reduction – Common pruning practice in ornamental and fruit bearing trees to maintain the overall shape and growth of the tree. Specific prune cuts, called “heading cuts”, are performed on the outermost apical and lateral regions of the branches, reducing the height and width to the desired specifications of the client’s wishes.


Many trees are chosen for their unique appearance and multiple benefits in a landscaped environment. Certain hedges, ornamental trees, and aesthetically pleasing shrubs are often selected for their shape, flowers, or use as a property boundary; but, over time their shape may change as the they grow.

Shaping is a type of pruning that is implemented to accentuate the desired shape or appearance of a tree or shrub. Our crew at Eco Tree Care are equally skilled with the finer tools of the arboriculture trade as they are with the big tools used for large tree removal. We can achieve beautiful hedge and tree shaping with excellent attention to detail.

Dead Wood Removal

Also called dead wooding, dead wood removal is also a type of pruning that can improve the overall health of your tree. Dead limbs and branches have lower structural integrity than live ones. As a result, they can more easily break during high winds or storms and pose a risk to buildings, property, and people. Dead limbs and branches are also more susceptible to fungal problems and can threaten the overall health of the rest of the tree. The removal of dead wood can also benefit the tree by allowing greater air flow throughout the canopy and better light penetration to the lower levels of the canopy and the landscape below.

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