Tree Planting

Did you know that each individual would have to plant at least 30 trees to offset their carbon output throughout their lifetime?

Eco Tree Care can complete your planting needs, whether you’re looking for cedar hedging to be planted along your property lines, or if you’re looking to plant a large 6-foot maple in your front yard to provide shade and temperature regulation for your house.

Tree planting of deciduous and coniferous trees and shrubs should only be done at two times per year: in the spring after the last frost, and in the fall after the leaves drop. Get in touch with us to discuss your planting needs and we can work with you to pick a time to plant that suits your needs. We can help you with plant selection suited to your property’s light and soil conditions, and facilitate the ordering and delivery of plants as well as the planting.

Eco Tree Care offers a tree planting service for clients that know exactly what kind of tree they want and where they want it planted.

For clients who are interested in planting a tree on their property, but require guidance in species and site selection, we have an advanced program that includes a thorough site inspection and written recommendations with a planting plan and design.

Upgraded services are available for both the basic tree planting service and the advanced tree planting program.


Basic Tree Planting Service

Free Site visit

Written Estimate

Tree Order, Delivery & Planting


Natural Mulch

Tree Staking

Advanced Tree Planting Program

Initial Consultation & Site Visit

Species & Site Recommendation

Optional Soil Sampling & Analysis

Tree Planting Plan & Design

Tree Order, Delivery & Planting


Natural Mulch

Tree Staking

Tree Planting Service or Program Upgrades

Coloured Mulch Varieties

Winter Conifer Prep

Mulch, water, fertilizer, wrap

Winter Deciduous Prep

Mulch, water, fertilizer

Organic Boost

Invigrow soil & foliar applications

If you’re planning on planting a tree yourself, please refer to the guidelines provided by Utilities Kingston.

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