Estate Development

There is a difficult balance between the rural, rugged wilderness and our ever rapidly expanding economy. No one enjoys watching a wooded area succumb to devastation after it has undergone a clear cutting process, but the loss of trees is inevitable with expanding building developments. In an estate development, a catastrophic event such as clear cutting could be mitigated or even entirely avoided in many circumstances.

Eco Tree Care will provide and execute a properly planned and organized proposal with tree preservation at its core. Following a brief consultation and site evaluation, our team of skilled arborists will engage in a process of selectively thinning and managing the surrounding landscape, removing only trees of poor structural integrity with evident indicators of decay or decline, establishing a proper root zone barrier for the remainder of the dominant healthy trees. Eco Tree Care will ensure that proper care and precautions are established, preserving the vitality and longevity of the tree’s health within the ecosystem during the construction process.

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